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En in older people; however, anyone can develop it. â  those who have labor intensive careers are more prone to suffer from spinal stenosis. viagra lilly usa â â  people under the age of 30 rarely develop it unless they have suffered a traumatic injury to the spinal column. How is spinal stenosis diagnosed? side effects 40 mg viagra In order for you to be diagnosed, a number of tests must be performed. viagra for everyday â â  your doctor may suspect due to your symptoms. viagra and cialis for sale â  once it is suspected, a complete evaluation of your spine will be conducted. generic viagra au canada â  this process usually starts with a medical history and physical examination. can you buy viagra in a chemist â  the medical history portion of this evaluation is when you will tell your doctor about your symptoms and where these symptoms exist. â  this will help your doctor determine where the nerve compression exists. viagra lilly usa The physical examination will involve imaging studies, such as: x-ray myelogram ct scan mri bone scan an x-ray is the simplest tool. â  it can show your doctor the bones of your spine and can help your doctor determine the cause of your pain. buy cheap viagra online â  an x-ray can show tumors, traumatic injury, inherited abnormalities, and spinal arthritis. can i buy viagra from pharmacy The myelogram is also an x-ray that involves an injection into the spinal fluid that is located around the spinal cord and nerves. â  this dye will show up on the x-ray around these nerves unless there is no space. viagra online without a prescription This test is not as commonly performed because of the mri; however, it can be useful when people are not able to have an mri. A ct scan or computed tomography scan is similar to an x-ray; however, it gives a better view of tissues in your body and a better view of the areas of compression within your spinal canal. viagra australia no prescription â  this is because more structures can show up on a ct scan. cheap viagra europe Mri or magnetic resonance imaging is one of the most popular tools being used to diagnose spinal stenosis. â  in an mri, magnetic signals produce images of the spine. Are viagra viagra and viagra safe â  an mri can show many more structures than an x-ray, such as:â  muscles, ligaments, and nerves. cheap viagra A bone scan is not as commonly used for diagnosing spinal stenosis, but is a possibility. â  a bone scan involves injecting radioactive material into your vein. 100 mg generic viagra â â  this material attracts to areas of high bone activity. Study finds viagra works women â  this test is used where there is a concern for fractures, infections, tumors, or other causes of spinal stenosis. 40 mg dose of viagra What are the symptoms of spinal stenosis? order cheap generic viagra There are different symptoms depending on the area where the spinal canal is narrowed or where the spinal cord and nerves are being compressed. â â â  any disc. can get viagra prescription online